Classes & Programs


Salute the Sun

Wake up, get energized and embrace your day. A 45 minute early morning ride with a mix of music to get your day started right. Your training is done early and you have the rest of the day to bask in your accomplishment. The ride description is the same as our Tribe Ride...but earlier.



Tribe Ride

Our signature 45 minute class filled with rhythms motivating you to move. Enjoy a high energy training session guaranteed to move you along on your health and fitness path. Your instructor will coach you through variable intensity intervals, throw in some climbs, a mix of sprints and some endurance work always maintaining proper techniques to insure you get the most out of your workout. The ride is designed to strengthen your body and inspire your mind.



CardioPlus Package

Want to gain physical fitness while riding the bike but need some assistance with eating well? As Certified Health Coaches, John, Jayme or Emily will coach you to better habits in food choices while you gain fitness and cardiovascular strength. We design a program for you to follow geared towards your health goals, whether those are losing weight, eating for endurance or just getting off a poor diet. The package includes 4 cycling classes and two coaching sessions.