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She's Proudly Sober, Loves Mondays and a Good Cardio Party!

A lot of people ask me this question, why do I ride? I drive from Oceano to make the 5:55 AM class and my favorite ride is Monday morning! I did not grow up in a physically or mentally healthy environment and I brought that into my adulthood. I had my son when I was 19 so I essentially brought him into my madness. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and PTSD since I was young. I spent most of my teenager years doing drugs and all of my 20s drinking into an oblivion. Before I got sober, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I hated myself, which resulted in tremendous damage to myself and others I loved. When I hit my bottom, which thankfully was a hard and painful bottom, I cried out and haven’t had the urge to abuse myself since. So there’s that…


I honestly can’t remember when I started riding at cycletribe, maybe June-ish, and even though I spin here 3-4 times a week, I still get super stoked every time I reserve my spot for the 5:55 AM Tribe Ride! I am still in my honeymoon phase with cycletribe, but I don’t see that changing any time soon. I’ve also recently finished the instructor training course and am working on preparing for my first community ride!




Prior to cycletribe, I was practicing a lot of hot yoga, bootcamp, and barre which I still do, but prior to that I was a runner. I loved the cardio and “runner’s high” I would get from running long distances: just me and my music. Zoning out and making my brain shut off has always been a goal to strive for when I exercise. But the impact of running started to make my joints and bones ache. After taking a short hiatus from running after having surgery, I tried to ease back into my routine. Having the break from the impact of running made me realize how jacked up and jostled my body felt! I knew I had to find something that would keep me strong, give me that release and provide a quiet mind, but I needed to be gentle to my bones.


After starting cycletribe, I instantly got the endorphin fix I was craving! I have always felt trapped inside a body with a brain that constantly chatters and it hasn’t always been the “self-loving” kind of chatter. While riding, I was able to check out of my brain and check into my body. I felt stronger and healthier. I really started focusing on my breath and tapping into the physical strength and the chatter turned into mental strength. I love the challenge knowing it never gets easier, I can just get better at it. 




But this is the best part! I’m happy to report that my son and I are happy and healthy! Well, he’s as happy as a 15-year-old boy can be. I have been sober, physically and mentally, for 3 years. Even though I am not tempted to go back and pick up where I left off, I know it is a daily commitment to stay healthy and happy. I never want to live in darkness again. I believe my struggles are my greatest asset. I never want to live that way again and I never have to. The reason I show up at 5:55 on Monday mornings in particular is because I used to wake up, feeling disappointed I woke up. Now, Monday’s are my very FAVORITE day. It’s the beginning to my beautiful week. It’s impossible to have bad days when you CHOOSE to live in gratitude, every moment of every day. 


I feel AH-MAZING after my spin classes! The workout I get from cycletribe gives me the clear mind and energy I need to start my day right. I can completely tell a difference between the mornings I ride and the mornings I don’t. I’m more positive and feel like I got all the “yuck” out of my system.  The ride AND the amazing staff help that happen. I feel more mellow and collected and I’ve been told I’m WAY nicer when I get all that energy out.


That Moment You Fell In LOVE, But Didn't Expect To

Truth be told, I didn’t want to go to cycletribe the first time I went. A friend wanted to try it out and convinced me to go with her. I’d never done spin before, I thought it was going to be too hard for me, why would I ride a bike that isn’t going anywhere…. haha, little did I know. I loved it and have been riding 3-4 times a week ever since! My whole life is better because if it. Seriously. Like, all of it.


I’ve dealt with chronic depression and anxiety since I was a teenager, but riding has made me better able to handle the ebbs and flows of those challenges. I’ve even been able to stop taking a medication I’d been on for years. It’s also helping me get through a particularly tough family situation that otherwise would have caused me more anxiety and more weight gain.


My exercise routine was super inconsistent before Cycletribe. I had tried a few other things, but nothing stuck because I wasn’t really enjoying it. It was just a workout for the sake of working out. I have more energy now. I started biking to work a couple days a week. We used to crash on the couch and order food in almost every night, but I’ve started cooking more! We’re eating much healthier and even saving some money by making our own meals.




Riding has made friendships and my marriage stronger. I still come to classes with the friend who brought me to Cycletribe originally, and now my husband joins us too. My husband and I love our Saturday routine! We do the 8am ride, go to a farmer’s market and then on to whatever else we’ve got planned for the day. I’ve also made a few new friends with the wonderful people in class!


I continue to ride for my health: mental and physical. I’m motivated by seeing so many changes spill over into my everyday life. I love seeing my body getting stronger and leaner. There’s an uphill trail behind our apartment I used to struggle to walk up, but now I can walk up it with a consistent pace and zero breaks! Clothes are fitting better. I feel more confident and more in control of how I react to stressful situations. I feel peaceful. My head is always calm and clear after a ride.


I love how cycletribe is a fun, safe bubble where the outside world doesn’t exist for 45 minutes. As soon as the playlist starts and we get into the ride, I forget about work, the laundry, the next thing on my car that needs fixed… my whole world becomes me, my bike and the music. The community is so great too. Jayme, John, and all the instructors make you feel welcome right from the get-go. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first ride or your thousandth ride, they’ll make you feel like you belong.


If you struggle with exercise, you’ve got to find the thing you love to do. Getting a workout in used to feel like a chore and an inconvenience for me, but making sure I get my rides in each week feels completely natural. I’ve gone from a person who would bail on an exercise class if someone invited me out after work, to the girl who says “My spin class ends at 6:15, can I meet you at 6:30?”  



When "Group Exercise" Became Her Thing

I started riding at cycletribe in August 2016. I did not see myself as a “indoor cycling” person, and I never saw myself ever doing a cycle class. In my head, a “cycle or spin” person was a perky, 24/7 spandex-clad exercise maven, and that is definitely not how I define myself. I’m so glad I gave cycletribe a chance.


Before cycletribe, I was a fairly regular exerciser. I ran (AKA jogged), stretched, lifted light weights, etc. However, I did all those things on my own at home or in my neighborhood. I’d tried other group exercise forums and I detested them all. I always felt like there was some kind of unspoken competition between the participants--which may have been entirely in my head--and it always led me away from group exercise and back to my solo endeavors. I didn’t particularly enjoy my exercise regimen, but I definitely enjoyed the way I felt once I was done with a session.




After I started riding at cycletribe, I noticed almost immediately a change in my legs and my lungs. Both were stronger. I could see it in my legs--more definition and power--and I felt the change in both. I also gradually became more energetic and felt better about myself overall. I’m currently seven months pregnant, and I know I wouldn’t still be doing all my old routines or feel as relaxed as I do if it weren’t for cycletribe. Even now when I consider skipping a class because my back aches or my feet are swollen, my husband will say, “Just go. You always feel better afterward.” And he’s right. I always do. To clarify, I mean both mentally and physically. After a class, my body is sore but in a way that is manageable. Whatever aches and pains I felt before have usually melted away. And emotionally/mentally, I’m definitely better off--way less likely to cry over a game of rock-paper-scissors or scream obscenities at a mailbox (yes, both things I’ve done since getting pregnant).


I absolutely find motivation in my desire to not end up overweight with a slew of weight-related health problems. My paternal great-grandmother died super young from heart failure caused by obesity, and that’s a fate I want to avoid. I also get a little crazy when I don’t feel “fit” so that’s part of it too. However, I have to say two of my huge motivators are John and Jayme (the owners). They have made cycletribe one of the most welcoming spaces--even for a habitual misanthrope like me--and I one hundred percent never want to let them down.




It’s hard to explain why cycletribe is different from other group exercise venues, but it most definitely is. It’s encouraging without being pushy. It’s challenging but still fun. There are a lot of constants participants can count on, but there are also myriad surprises and variations that keep us engaged. I also have to say I’m really weirdly motivated by the darkness of the room and the fact that you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to. The instructor’s upbeat--but not cheerleader--attitudes and music provide a lot of encouragement too.



Summer Veggie Frittata

We're always looking for ways to make our work week easier and thought we could help you do the same! Try this healthy summer recipe on the weekend and take the leftovers for a healthy breakfast at work.


1 - 2 Tablespoons olive oil


3 cups veggies your choice: ie, summer squash, zucchini, broccoli or greens, chopped 


1 medium onion diced 


2 cloves minced garlic


1/2 cup milk of your choice: ie, almond, coconut or hemp


1/4 cup fresh herbs of your choice: ie, parsley, cilantro, basil


6 eggs


1 - 1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt or Himalayan salt


1 teaspoon ground pepper





Preheat oven to 350. Heat oil in a large saute pan over medium heat. Add veggies and onion and cook until tender. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, 30 sec to a minute.


In medium bowl, combine eggs, milk, herbs salt, pepper and whisk together. 


Put the veggie mixture into a lightly oiled large pie tin or iron skillet and pour the egg mixture over the top. Bake in oven for 15 - 25 minutes or until the center is firm. Remove from oven and serve warm or at room temp. Store in fridge and take for a morning on the go breakfast. 


Recipe inspired by: "Clean Eats" - Alejandro Junger, MD.


How Cycletribe Has Begun To Transform This Super Mom's Life

In the short time Amanda Spaulding has been riding at cycletribe, she has inspired us and we want to share her story of a busy mom finding space for herself again. Read her inspirational story!


It’s been almost one month exactly since I booked my first ride at cycletribe and when I started, it was my very first spin class ever!


Before cycletribe, my exercise routine was basically non-existent. I never found anything that really called to me. I’d use that as an excuse along with the excuse of having three young children and no time. Pretty soon I believed all the excuses and felt like I’d never find a source of exercise I’d actually enjoy or anything that would fit into my schedule as a busy stay-at-home/homeschooling mom. I was feeling pretty hopeless and really desperate. I was so uncomfortable in my skin and didn’t know how to change.




Being greeted with an authentic smile each morning by someone who knows my name and is cheering me on is a huge motivator. It may sound a bit extreme, but I really feel like someone switched the light on in my brain after my first ride. It was like that missing piece of a puzzle was finally put into place and the changes started happening really quickly. My energy level has been phenomenal--no more mid-day slump and no trouble falling asleep in the evenings. My mental health has benefited, I feel much more equipped to handle my daily tasks without feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed. I think my husband and kids would agree with me when I say that I feel much more calm and happy now.


For the past year, I’d been experiencing some pretty intense lower back pain due primarily to muscle tension. I’d wake up in pain and it would take me hours before loosening up enough to feel comfortable. After my first few rides, my back pain vanished and hasn’t come back!


Before cycletribe, I felt like my body was aging prematurely and I was beginning to lose my adventurous spirit. But after a month, I am stronger and I’m more confident in what my body is capable of achieving. I feel like I can tackle physical tasks now without constantly running that internal self-diagnostic, like, “Is this gonna cause damage? Am I gonna sprain something??”


There are so many reasons I ride. I feel like I find new benefits and new reasons every day! I do it for me. I am a much happier, nicer, more mellow after a ride and the mental clarity and focus I experience makes me feel like I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to! But I also do it for my husband and my kids. I’m a more patient mom and a healthier, happier, more energetic partner to my husband. Ultimately, I want to be around for a good long time for my family so I get up to ride at 5:55am! I feel strong and this is a pretty new feeling for me: I'm loving it! There’s also the added benefit of my clothes becoming looser! Everybody likes that, right??


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